Friday, February 24, 2012

TCO - These are Their Stories!

I never imagined back in 2003, when I created the first TCO study for payroll and HRIS that it would become the foundation for the central practice area of a consulting company I would establish mere months after the completion of that first study.  Sourcing Analytics was indeed established, however.  In our 9th year now, we have calculated TCOs for literally hundreds of companies and public sector entities. In the pages, these will be their stories!

Through the years we have helped collect their data, have calculated their costs, have baselined and bench-marked.  We have found hidden costs that were purposely being hidden and found others that seemingly no one was aware existed.  We have projected future savings, future increases in cost and helped identify sometimes creative and sometime obvious (Duh!) ways to do thing faster, better, cheaper (and maybe even mitigate risk at the same time!).

Through it all though, we have had fun! True, maybe I am a numbers geek, but it really has been fun!  The numbers, well, they talk to me.  They tell me things. They tell me things related to my first professional love: process consulting.  You see, the numbers are fun, but they also tell stories.  Stories of ineffective investment in technology, underinvestment in technology, inattention to change mangagement, ineffective process, process change opportunities.

The numbers don't lie.  They tell so many stories and point the way to Faster, Better, Cheaper!

In this space, on a weekly basis, I will retell these stories.  I will recount the amazing things our clients have found through TCO Analysis.  I'll never name names, but you never know, you might see yourself here some day.  So keep reading!

About the author - Donald Glade is president and founder of Sourcing Analytics, Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in helping companies optimize their HR / benefits / payroll service delivery through financial analysis, relationship management, and process improvement.

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